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Pinpoll increases time on site by 13 %, boosts page impressions by 15 % and generates fascinating insights about your audience.

Integrates with WordPress, Weebly & many more.
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Generate Leads, Activate Live Mode & Much More

More than polls

We offer the most comprehensive set of features available and even help you to win new customers - with Pinpoll Leads. Of course, our polls look great on mobile devices, too. Try the sample polls below to see some features in action!

Classic Layout

Should you have lots of answers, this timeless layout is for you. Scroll through an endless list of answers.

Head to Head Layout

The race is on and one single click makes the difference. With this layout, two answers compete face to face.

Multiple Choice

Sometimes, you just cannot decide for one single option. In this case, simply allow more than just one answer.

Live Mode

Let your users watch the result changing in real-time. This also increases time on site.

New: Pinpoll Leads

You need new customers? You look for more readers for your newsletter? You want to arrange a voting competition? Take advantage of the high interaction rates with online polls and collect user data using Pinpoll Leads!


The essential feature for your voting competition! Activate reCaptcha and avoid bogus votes.

Video Backgrounds & Slideshow

Get movin' and add video backgrounds and animated GIFs to your poll - a perfect match with Slides layout.

Custom Design

Customize your polls to look great on your website. Upon request, we even let you load your own CSS.

Country & City Stats

We provide you with an embeddable result map, which is new content that you can use on your website.

New: Vote Buttons

Get rid of never-ending polling lists! Distribute vote buttons all over your website and experience the new way of voting. Give vote buttons your favourite colour, label them as you prefer or use an icon like and

Pizza: Mother of All Food

Pizza: Mother of All Food

"When a moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that's amore" - Dean Martin, Singer

Pasta: Legacy of Italy

Pasta: Legacy of Italy

"Life is a combination of magic and pasta" - Federico Fellini, Film Director

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We are an Austrian company and attach great importance to data safety. All data is stored in Western Europe and meets highest security standards.


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All stated prices are valid until December 31, 2017. Pinpoll collects sales taxes in countries where it is required by law. Stated prices do not include these taxes.

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